Welcome to Muldoon's Bar

There are hundreds of fine establishments across the world that carry the famous Muldoon's name. While Muldoon's Bar Online (this website) is our favorite, we encourage you to sample a pint at one of the brick and mortar establishments below. Don't forget to tip your bar tender.

Muldoon's Pub - Newly Re-Opened!
12143 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE
(402) 330-8002

Muldoon's the Patio
2611 Augusta Dr, Houston, TX
(713) 706-4490

Little Muldoon's
8383 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX
(713) 974-2500

Jose Muldoon's - Boulder
1600 38th St, Boulder, CO
(303) 449-4543

Maggie Muldoon's Saloon
2977 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI
(313) 964-1051

See All Muldoon's Locations or check out cool stuff for your home pub below:

Complete Traditional Draught Package Picture

Complete Traditional Draught Package
Sparkling Ale Picture

Sparkling Ale
Complete Sparkling Ale Package Picture

Complete Sparkling Ale Package
Pilsener Picture

Complete Pilsener Package Picture

Complete Pilsener Package
Ipa (india Pale Ale) Picture

Ipa (india Pale Ale)
Complete Ipa (india Pale Ale) Package Picture

Complete Ipa (india Pale Ale) Package
Australian Pale Ale Picture

Australian Pale Ale
Complete Australian Pale Ale Package Picture

Complete Australian Pale Ale Package
Wheat Beer Picture

Wheat Beer
Complete Wheat Beer Package Picture

Complete Wheat Beer Package
Mexican Cerveza Picture

Mexican Cerveza
Complete Mexican Cerveza Package Picture

Complete Mexican Cerveza Package
Irish Stout Picture

Irish Stout
Complete Irish Stout Package Picture

Complete Irish Stout Package


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